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Ambient Jazz with Electronica – and nights just full of soul. It’s good to see you here! Why not join our Community for News, Events and be the first to get New Releases too ?There is so much happening ..come with me. I’d love to hear from you, Have a great day!

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One Woman Album 2017

I loved making this journey into love light and the valleys of soul- Great working with Pedro on this album. Was a great way to spend a year

Caress 2015

This live acoustic based EP, full of energy, drama and history soon to be re-released

Love Me Long Time 2014

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“This rare- mini EP of Elevator Sky and the title track brings a flavour of the Deep South punctuated by clock-like rhythms commemorating the passage of time and is an expression of his deep faith in the importance of human survival. Like Tom Waits he tells our story.. Getting to what being human is all about” Julia NY.

Oranges and Seals 2011

Mehal’s debut album, received great reviews in both the USA and Australia. This year of discovery gave birth to a passion in creativity. Featuring Marty Willson Piper from the Church and Minko this album jumps out from the speakers directly into your heart.

Check out this great article by the Australia Review Magazine: